What is the biography of Ajju bhai – (total gaming)

Hello dear friends in today’s blog I will tell you all about Ajju Bhai, the founder of Total Gaming YouTube channel, yes friends, What is the biography of Ajju Bhai.
You all must know that Ajju Bhai whose real name is Ajay, his YouTube channel is a gaming YouTube channel and Sir Ajju Bhai used to put videos of free fire games on his YouTube channel. But now Aju Bhai plays more games on his YouTube channel like GTA 5 , free fire etc.

What is Ajju Bhai profession?

Friends, let me tell you all about the profession of what is the biography Ajju Bhai, Ajju Bhai is on the biggest YouTube of India.At present, Ajju Bhai channel has 20+ million subscribers.
Let me tell you that Ajju Bhai is a software engineer along with YouTube, he had a dream since childhood that I should become a software engineer.And he’s also a growth hacker.

Know about Ajju Bhai?

What is the biography of Ajju bhai

Friends, let me tell you about Ajju Bhai, the name of Ajju Bhai’s YouTube channel is Total Gaming.

Ajju Bhai’s real name is Ajay and his nickname is Ajju Bhai and Total Gaming, most people know Total Gaming as Ajju Bhai.

Ajju Bhai was born in 1998, in 2021 his age is 23 years.Ajju Bhai was born Ahmedabad in Gujarat.

Do you know some facts about Total Gaming YouTube channel?

Friends, let me tell you some Facts about Total Gaming YouTube channel.

Do you know who was The First Subscriber on Total Gaming YouTube channel?

The Name of The First Subscriber on Total Gaming YouTube channel was Nizamuddin Sheikh.

Do you know who first gave Super Chat on Total Gaming YouTube channel?

The first super chat on Total Gaming YouTube channel was given by FB Vishal.

Do you know how many youtube channels Ajju Bhai has and how many social media accounts?

Ajju bhai youtube channel accounts

Ajju Bhai has total four youtube channels.

1. Total gaming
2. Total gaming live
3. Ajju bhai
4. TG Highlights

Ajju bhai ke social media accounts

Instagram – totalgaming_official
Facebook – Total Gaming
Twitter – Total Gaming

Ajju bhai social media accounts

Do you know about Ajju Bhai Favorite

1. Ajju Bhai favorite sports game is cricket.
2. Ajju Bhai favorite cricketer is Virat Kohli , AB de Villiers and MS Dhoni.
3. ajju bhai favorite actor is rajkumar rao.
4. Ajju Bhai favorite Comedian Youtube – Amit Badhna , Ashish Chanchlani and Bhuvan Bam.
5. Ajju Bhai favorite singer is Badshah and Raftaar.

Do you know Ajju Bhai Hobbies?

Friends, let me tell all of you that what are the hobbies of Ajju Bhai, Ajju Bhai likes to watch it when The cricket Match is Going on And Ajju bhai loves playing video games the most like Free Fire , GTA 5 And etc.

Do you know about Ajju Bhai Family?

Let me tell you that there are total 4 Members in Ajju Bhai Family. First of all , Ajju Bhai mother is father and Ajju Bhai also has a younger brother. And there is also Ajju Bhai himself in his family.
You know Ajju Bhai has not revealed his face yet.

Do you know how much is Ajju Bhai Networth and Income?

You know when Ajju bhai live stream on his youtube channel then 50000+ watching comes on his youtube channel.

Ajju Bhai income is around 15 to 18 lakh rupees per month.

Ajju Bhai networth is around 2 to 3 crore rupees in 2021.

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