Garena Free Fire – Upcoming New Emotes (OB – 30 Update) – 2021

There is already a many emotes in the Garena Free Fire game but today I will tell you in the article the bare of an upcoming new Emotes in Free Fire game. If you want to know about these emotes then read our blog till the end.
Upcoming New Emotes in Free Fire
In this article, tell you about 5 . The five emotes are going to be very funny awesome and very beautiful.

  • Big Smash
  • Fancy Steps
  • All In Control
  • Crazy Guitar
  • Dubugging

Big smash Emote

In Big Smash emote, the player holds a long fry pan, then hits the pan on the ground. Is it something like this or emote when you see this emote in the game then you will know how this emote.

Fancy Steps Emote

Fancy Steps Emotion Main player dances with tang, the player is seen by doing different steps.

All In Control Emote

The All In Control Emote player opens multiple digital projector windows and flips them side to side then writes to the projector. player

Crazy Guitar Emote

In Crazy Guitar Remote, the player acts to play the guitar but does not have any guitar in his hand. Color full circles revolve around the player like the dance acting of the DJ Alok player.

Dubugging Emote

In the Dubugging remote, the player opens the invisible laptop, then asks for 4 drones, all four drones are of blue color. Then the same player blasts those drones. Then the emote comes to an end.

Friends, if all of you have liked knowing about the Upcoming new emotes in Free Fire, then definitely give me a comment.

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