Free Fire Street Fighter Event Calendar and Feded wheel.

Hello dear friends in today’s blog I will tell you all when is the free fire street Fighter Event Calendar launch date.

Which Faded wheel bundle will come and when?

Friends, before you know that which new faded wheel event is going to come in our free fire game. You will know that feded wheel events keep coming in our free fire game.

Friends, you can see in this photo. How this feded wheel is being sold. This is a bundle of feded wheel. It is a bundle of mail. The Combination of feded wheel bundle is of black golden white color.
This bundle looks very much Beautiful hair of this bundle is of black color and its shirt and pant are of black and golden combination. Chances of this feded wheel are in our Indian server.

Friends, you are the one who can see the second faded wheel bundle. The design of this Feded wheel bundle is exactly like our previous bundle.
You all can see by matching both the images. The Combination is of white color. The rest of the beans are designed like the old bundle. This bundle is looking very beautiful and both these faded wheel bundles can come in our Indian server.

Free Fire Street Fighter Collabration.

Friends, now I will tell you that what is Free Fire Street Fighter Collaboration. I will take full details of it. All of you must have heard that there is going to be a new event in Free Fire game. That event will be a free fire Collaboration.
In this you will get a lot of free rewards, in this event from Garena Free Fire. You will have to complete a few missions. Then you will get some rewards. I will give you some more information about this.

Free Fire Street Fighter Calendar Launch Date And Who Will Get The Gifts?

Friends, now I will show you the F F S F Calendar and what Names will be found in it. I will also tell you friends, you guys can see that about the Free Fire Street Fighter Event Calendar.

Free Fire Street Fighter Event Calendar

Free Fire Street Fighter Collabration Rewards.

  • Surf board skin
  • T-shirt
  • Famuos gun skin create
  • Gloo wall skin
  • Legendary Pan skin
  • Emote
  • Shiba pet create
  • Shiba pet skin
  • Avatar
  • Banner
  • Parachute skin
  • Etc…

Friends, how did you like my information, if you liked it, then Definitely make a comment to me friends.

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