Free Fire New July Season 38 Elite pass

Hello dear friends, in today’s blog we will tell you which free fire new july season 38 elite pass will come, if you want to know, then wait till the end of our blog, what will come in the late pass before I tell you what would that elite pass

what is elite pass in free fire game

You all will know that 500 diamonds in free fire game get elite pass inside the elite pass there are many things like you get the car skin in it, you get the scheme of the weapon, you get the screen of the weapon but there is no one in it.

There is no attribute and you also get bundle of male and female you also get emote in elite pass you also get avatar banner and if you get elite pass then there you get option to pre-order that you see 999 diamond In that you get 50 badges and also get elite pass but you can buy 500 diamonds in elite pass only.

Elite pass has most of the same things which I have told you elite pass also has a fire pass which It is absolutely free, you can also take stuff out of it, just you have to claim the wedges, you will have to do the mission to do the rest, I will tell you later, first let me tell you what will come in July Season 38 Lite Pass .

What will come in the July Season 38 Elite Pass

I have told all of you that what is available inside the Elite Pass, now I will tell which Male Bundle and Female Bundle will be available in the July Season 38 Elite Pass, which Gun Skin will you get, you will get Grenade Key Scan Backpack Scheme Sir, I will tell you about the board’s scheme and many other things which will be available in 38 elite pass this season.

Lamborghini car Skin

You can see in the image how the screen of the Lamborghini car looks. The schematic of the Lamborghini car looks very cool to see but that screen is not legend.

UMP Gun Skin

You can see in this photo what the UMP gun skin looks like in the July elite pass but let me tell you this UMP gun has no attributes.

Female Character Bundle

You can see in this image how the bundle of female connector looks like this bundle of female character looks very cool.

Milli Weapon Bat Skin

You can see in this photo that the skin of the found weapon is of blue color but let me tell you that you cannot show this found weapon in the lobby because it is not a legendary weapon, you can show it in the lobby. .

July Elite Pass Surfboard Skin

You can only see the scheme of the board in this image, it’s just the skin of the board exactly like Money Heist, like money falling on the surf board of Money Heist, this is a surfboard and this surfboard is legend.

July elite pass grenade skin

You can see in this photo July Elite Pass Grenade Skin This grenade screen is in the shape of a bottle.

July Elite Pass Loot Box Skin

You can see in this image what the July Elite Pass loot box skin looks like, although this loot box is Legendary, this loot box has Wanted written on it.

July Elite Pass Backpack Skin

You can see in this photo what the backpack looks like. This backpack from July Elite Pass is of level 3, I did not put the image of level 1 and level 2, how did you like the screen of this backpack.

July Elite Pass Male Bundle

You can see in this image how the July Elite Pass Cam Mail Bundle looks like, although this bundle is a very cool bundle and perhaps this bundle is legendary.

I have shown the main item in this blog to all of you guys, the rest of the items of Season 38 July Elite Pass are not main, if you like my information, then you can visit my website daily, I went end of free fire game I put a day blog on updates related.

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