Biography of Elon Musk – Lifestyle And Car Collection Etc.

Hello dear friends In today’s blog I will tell you all about Biography of Elon Musk.
Elon Musk is a African Investor , engineer and Businessman. And in today’s time, he has got a very good position in the whole world because of different thinking.

Elon Musk’s thinking has always been to remove human problems.And because of this thinking, he is also known as Genius Entrepreneur all over the world.

Biography of Elon Musk

So friends let’s start the story, about 46 years ago from today.
Elon Musk was born on 28 June 1971 in Pretoria, South Africa. Elon Musk’s father’s name was Errol Musk. His father was an engineer as well as a pilot.  His mother’s name was May Musk who was a model and dietician.

Elon Musk was interested in reading since childhood and was always seen around books and only at the age of 10 he became very interested in computers and at the young age of only 12. After learning computer programming, he made a game called Blaster, which he sale to PC and Office Technology Company for 500 US dollars.

Elon Musk used to read mostly computer books in his childhood and perhaps this is what made him the most fond of technology.

Biography of Elon Musk Education

At the age of 17, Elon Musk started his graduation from Train University and after studying there he was transferred to the University of Pennsylvania.

Where he took a Bachelor of Science degree in 1992, Elon Musk moved to California in 1995 to pursue a PHD but research there Within just 2 days of starting, he quit his studies to become a successful Entrepreneur to become step up.
Elon Musk is an Entrepreneur , businessman and engineer by profession.

Biography of Elon Musk Career

In 1995, Elon Musk along with his brother started a software company named Jeep-2, which later The company named Compact was bought for $307 million.

And then 1999 with these money Investing 10 million dollars, Elon Musk started, which was a financial services company and after 1 year this company joined with a company named Confetti.

The Collaboration of both the companies was done and both the companies became famous by the name of Pay Pal.
In 2002 eBay company bought PayPal for $ 1.5 billion and after this deal In on Mast Ho got $1.65 million and friends let me tell you that were the biggest share holders and then in 2002 their deposits Elon Musk started the SpaceX company with 100 million dollars from the money made and this company is in today’s time.

And this company is at the forefront of making space launching vehicles in today’s time and Elon Musk told in an interview that by 2030 he will start settling humans on Mars.
In 2003. Elon Musk started another company Named Tesla with 2 and since 2008. Tesla has been working as the company CEO.

Biography of Elon Musk Family

  • Brother – Kimbal Musk
  • Father – Errol Musk
  • Mother – May Musk
  • Sister – Tosca Musk 
  • 1st-Wife – Justine Musk
  • 2nd-Wife – Riley Musk

Biography of Elon Musk has Five Sons

1. Griffin Musk
2. Xavier Musk
3. Damian Musk
4. Saxon Musk
5. Kai Musk

Biography of Elon Musk House

Elon-Musk bought his first home in Los-Angeles in 2012 for US$17 million. Elon all property is in Los-Angeles. Elon-Musk also has 5 houses in Los-Angeles.

Biography of Elon Musk Car Collection

  • Tesla model 3 – $30000
  • Tesla Roadster – $2 Lac
  • Maclaren F1 – $8 million
  • 1967 Jaguar E type – $4 Lac
  • Lotus E Spirit – $8 Lac
  • Porsche 911 – $90000
  • BMW 320i – $1400

Biography of Elon Musk Income and Networth

Elon-Musk that every year the Tesla company generates $ 2.3 billion in income.

Elon Net worth is US$ 172 Billion as of June 1/2021.

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