Biography of Bruce Lee – Bruce Lee Facts and Family

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If we talk about the fastest man in the world or if we talk about martial arts, then even today the face of the only Person that comes to our mind is Bruce Lee.
Who could kill anyone in seconds with his Lightning Quick ness and Dangerous fast kicks.

Friends, who do not know about Bruce Lee, I tell them that Bruce Lee was the king of martial arts or say that no one has been born as a Martial Arts Genius like him.
Along with being the king of martial arts, he was a big star of Hollywood film, he also gave many Superhit Films.

Interesting Fact About Bruce Lee

Friends, it is said that Bruce Lee’s kick speed was so fast, after the shooting of the film, his fighting had to be slowed down so that it does not appear on the screen that Bruce Lee is acting fake.

Friends, it was not possible for any Common Man to
his hands and Feet at such a Speed.
Bruce Lee could punch anyone standing 3 feet away in 0.05 seconds which was an amazing talent in it self.

biography of bruce lee

Lee was born on 27 November 1940 at Jackson Street Hospital in China Town, San Francisco.
Bruce real name was Jun Fan Lee.

Lee was given the name by Nurse the Hospital here he was born.

Bru-Lee Started Learning Martial arts at the age of 16, He took Training from Yip Man, a well-known trainer who taught Lee a wonderful technique of martial arts named Wing Chun.

After having knowledge of martial arts, Lee became fond of fighting with hooligans.

Due to which his father was very upset and he sent Bruce Lee to America despite not wanting to go.

There and for his expenses, Bruce lee started teaching martial arts in the garden.

At the age of 20, after raising some money. he took admission in the University of Washington.

There he also started giving martial arts training to the students.
Bruce was also a good artist and poet. Bruce Lee loved reading books.

The Bruce Lee Family

  • Real Name – Jun Fan Lee
  • Nick Name – Bruce Lee
  • Father Name – Lee Hoi chueen
  • Mother Name – Cathok
  • Wife – Linda
  • Son – Brandon Lee
  • Daughter – Shannon Lee
  • R.I.P – 20 July 1973

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